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Prescientech Innovators was established in the year 2014 with a simple vision to solve real-world problems through multi-faceted research & disruptive innovation strategy. With the lapse of time & advancement in research & innovation, we have grown to call ourselves as the solutions people. 


We are headquartered in Mumbai, India and having office establishments in Europe & USA. We have an established network of industry experts and think tank systems across the globe.

" We are not a product or a service company.

We work on either our own concepts or with partnered groups where we believe that together we can make a difference."

Our Telescopic View

We are not Doctors!

But we still impact and improve      uman lives...

We are not Engineers!

But we still make innovative tech tools and make things work... 

We are not even Lawyers!

But we still find ways to do the right things...

We are not Mentors, Consultants or Advisors!

But we still have   olutions,     nowledge, and      xpertise 

which millennials vouch for...

We are not Astrologers!

But we know what is going to happen before it happens...

We are not Super Humans either!

We are a bunch of ordinary people from diverse backgrounds & experiences, who are on a mission to create extraordinary solutions...

and sometimes an Entrepreneur, by chance!

We are  Scientists!


But we still bring in new studies, research & theories...

We are often called









WE Ideate, Innovate & Revolutionize

Our Vision

“To study and recognize the demand/requirement of an under-researched area to seek economically viable and scalable opportunities which can create, educational development, social impact, technological advancement, environmental sustainability and economic contribution.”

“To provide an innovative solution in the form of concept/product/structure/strategy so as to meet the demand of current market while creating new business opportunities to support economic prosperity and nations development.”

Our MiSsion...

“We believe that every idea is like an hour hand of a watch. It has to wait for the minute & second hands to measure every parameter, again and again, to strike at the right hour”

- Rajat Nirwan

What we do?

"Our Activities"

We ideate innovative & impacting solutions/products/structures to impact & support common lives, sustain the environment and contribute economic growth through disruptive Innovation & Innovative technology.

As a Solutions Company, we focus on

Research & Study

Being a research-oriented innovation company, its essential to keep consistent upbeat with new study and findings in the quest to deliver the most novel solution.


We are voracious at reading & analyzing data, industry-specific research & analytics which creates a basis point for defining our project targets, research parameters, market trends & innovation strategy. These research & studies are referred to evaluate projects and also supports the organization in the creation of theories, publications & patented innovation model.

(In Search of Solution)

Concept Development

Transforming a paper napkin concept into a working product doesn’t come easy. It’s a long iterative process driven by trial & error, market forces, people’s perception, general acceptance, convenience switch and many more.


Our expert eye not only transforms the concept into a product but also develops meaningful solutions which fill and cater to an evidential market pain point. Hence, the cult of innovation is far more demonstrated than just building a product which may or may not create a value system.

(Turning Ideas into reality)

IP Led Innovation

With each concept; product or a solution we develop, we ensure that we bring out something novel which has an intellectuality to be patented as a concept or a product.


However, in case of a business solution or innovation strategy, we would like to preserve the intellectuality of such model through research publications, developing management theories and by sharing innovation articles in journals for public use.

(Creating global value through research)

Business Structures

The fact that to run a successful business there is always a need of unbeaten strategic & financial model which is often prepared at the inception of a business we cannot ignore the fact that with the advance of time, demand and market needs there is also a need to redefine business structures to be in the race.


We carve multilayered business structures which resolves complex commercial issues and redefine growth strategy through a model of disruptive innovation which leads to cost optimization, profit enhancement and development of new business verticals.

(Creating Sustenance & Feasibility)

Studying Trend & Demand Analysis

For delivering any business or a concept solution, it is essential to understand and learn the past trend of an industry, product, or any model to assess the degree of change and improvement possible to re-carve the existing solution or a new concept into an innovation.


The assessment of demand drives the degree of innovation quotient, a product or a concept can only sustain when it is critically assessed & tested before it is invented or innovated.

(Observing & Mapping to Decode Future)

The concept developed is in a certain need to be assessed on a real parameter to assess the degree of vulnerability and risk it carries.

It is essential to ascertain the analysis of technological risk, market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk,etc. to define whether an innovation can be actually converted into a business model having a viability and also whether it is fundable by financial institutions and other alternative investment arrangements.


Concept & Techno-Economic Evaluation

(Risk Management & Control)

We truly understand the nerve wrecking process of setting up a start-up from scratch and running a successful show, especially when it's your first time. Indian start-up ecosystem has a lot more potential to innovate, rather than mimicking the successful models to develop a potential business.We support start-ups who are creating large-scale impacts through innovation and unconventional model which is an evidential Next-Gen solution.

Well, there is no rule book for creating a successful enterprise!!  But certainly, there are factors, situation, and processes which minimises the failure risk by a potential degree. Being a concept maker we have our “Hand Book of Opinion” made which shall be of certain help to entrepreneurs in their process of creating wonders.


Supporting Raw Ideas and Inventions through Smart Capital and Guidance

(Supporting Novel & Disruptive Startups)

Since we are intended to create solutions which solve real worlds problem and improves human life. We believe that our deep thinking, ability to map Situation, and understanding of progressive innovation has empowered us to lend support to government and private organizations in formulating public policies enacted to regulate industry and business, also in creating viable and sustainable models for state and nations development.

Policy Formation

(Carving Support & Developmental Pillars)

How we do?


To structure the process of creating an innovation from an idea with through study & research to and create a feasible concept, we have devised "The Innovation Chakra" which help us in understanding the scalability and viability of the idea into a solution, fit for the businesses & market demand. 






"The Backgroud"


"The Data & Analytics"


"The Depth & Potential"


"The Trend & Scope"


"The Model"


"The Concept"


"The Prototype"

Why we do?





The process of evolution is based on the theory of impermanence and changeability. We know that what is there today will not be going to remain unchanged tomorrow.


This simple theory & understanding gives us immense potential and scope to look at any under-researched area and think through possibilities of progressive innovation.


With the advent of the lifestyle of human beings, we observe the spaces which are not affected by the evolutionary steps of mankind but are on the brink to be developed.

We do, what we do because we see a certain degree of potential future through our solution which has the impact on human lives and can support economic contribution.


“An innovation is a two-sided coin- one side creates an impact and other side influences the passion- separated by an expanse so small that together, they create a value and separated they are forgotten”

- Rajat Nirwan

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